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Blood test interpretation

Analysis & interpretation of your blood test

  • 45 British pounds

Price includes:

15 minute consultation to review key symptoms. Interpretation report emailed to you 72 hours afterwards. NOTE: This service is £25 for existing clients - please contact me for more details. Blood test results come back as "normal" but still have major symptoms? Unfortunately, this is a very common occurrence and a lot of doctors do not act on blood tests that fall within the parameters but are edging towards too high or low. Wouldn't you want to know if you are approaching these, so you can act upon them before the disease sets in and medication is required? Conventional medicine is not preventative medicine, and only responds to blood tests once they are in the stage that needs pharmaceuticals or invasive investigations. I can interpret the patterns of blood markers, and report back to you what risks there are, so you have an understanding of what is really going on, and avoid disease development or further invasive investigations or even medication.

Terms & Conditions

Blood test interpretation Consults Terms & Conditions: Full payment is required upon booking. If you are an existing patient, this service is £25 - please contact me for more details. No refunds given if cancelled within 24 hours of scheduled consult time, unless in extenuating circumstances. Full refund given if cancelled 48 hours ahead of scheduled consult time.

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