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Say goodbye to dry, cracked lips with Luscious Lips lip balm. Hand made by Julia Herbalist with Marigold infused oil to heal, soothe and nourish your lips. 

For more information about infused oils, read my blog here.


Luscious Lips Lip balm for dry, cracked lips

  • Ingredients

    Contains Beeswax, Cocoa butter, Calendula-Infused oil*.

    *Calendula infused in oils of: Macadamia nut, Apricot kernel, Peach kernel, Hazelnut and Avocado.

  • Returns and Refunds

    In the unlikely event you are unsatisfied with the product, please return the item, explaining why you are not happy. This is really important to me in order to maintain my high standards. Full refunds for the product and postage incurred to return it will be processed and paid as promptly as possible. 

  • Shipping Info

    Postage is calculated to UK mainland and Ireland only. For international orders, please contact me via the Contact page.

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