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I present workshops covering relevant health topics relating to your group with appropriate health tips, and herbal & nutritious recipes to take away with you.

CORPORATE CRUNCH - herbs and nutrition for managing stress and anxiety, and maintaining optimal health and performance. Can be held at the office or an appropriate venue out of the office.

MOTHER & BABY - this workshop is in 2 parts, the first covers herbs and 'kitchen medicine' to help common childhood complaints. Bring your baby/-ies and child/-ren, I can come to your home, community centre, or wherever you normally have meet ups. The second part is for stressed out mums, which is only for mums to attend. It covers herbs and nutrition to manage the lack of sleep, stress and anxiety associated with being a mum. Held at appropriate venue without baby/child(ren).

SCHOOLS - how herbs grow, harvesting, touch & feel of herbs, making & sampling herbal teas, herbal recipes, eg. chamomile and lavender cookies for anxiety. To be held at participating school.

STRESSED OUT STUDENTS - herbs and nutrition to manage the lack of sleep, stress and anxiety associated with studying. Held at college or university, or appropriate venue.

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