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Why over the counter nutrient supplements and herbs don't work

Updated: Jan 13

Have you ever done a Google search on your health concern, found out about a supplement to take, and then sourced the cheapest version of it, only to find that in the end, it didn't do the trick? Perhaps at that point, you lost faith in nutrient supplements or herbal tablets treating your ill health and went back to the doctor, or even lost faith you would get better.

Well, this article will shed light on why you should always consult a fully qualified health practitioner before spending any money on any old cheap, nasty supplements or herbs that might be on half price offer - you have to wonder why they are so gosh darn cheap!

We are all exposed to many pollutants in our environment, and these can affect our nutritional status. Nowadays, the fruit and vegetables we are eating do not contain the nutrients they used to have because of the aggressive agricultural farming that has rid the soil of nutrients. We should also detox now and again to remove the accumulation of these various toxins. Certain amino acids, vitamins and minerals can help with detoxification and restore our levels of nutrients.

Yes, products that are only available from practitioners and not over the counter are more expensive. However, there is a very simple reason for this: they work! They are formulated by credible manufacturers who may be practitioners themselves, or are at least aware of the latest research.

These formulations of various vitamins, minerals and sometimes herbs target your specific health condition with high quantities of said nutrient or herb, for a start. In addition, practitioner prescribed supplements have the right form of nutrient, the correct plant chemical so that you get results, and usually faster, and in a more efficient manner than the cheaper versions which often have less well absorbed forms sourced from not so clean sources.

Decent supplements are backed up with scientific evidence and clinical trials. In addition, they use higher quality ingredients, and are usually sourced from ethical places with no contaminants, bulking agents or fillers which can sometimes cause other problems. Practitioners have up to date information of new nutrient supplements available for various health conditions, due to the Continued Professional Development we have to complete every year, so we are more aware of the latest research.

Another reason to get your supplements from a qualified health practitioner is because they will try source supplements that do not contain many excipients or other additives that might not be that good for you. Also, practitioners are aware of the biochemical processes involved in breaking down the components of the vitamins and minerals, and better placed to know what supplements will work with you.

Some supplements can only be prescribed by a practitioner because certain forms of vitamins and minerals can actually cause more damage to certain health conditions than help them. This is why it is always advisable to check out your health practitioner on their association or registered body, to make sure they are who they say they are.

If you have an on-going health condition that you would like to resolve, please contact me today to see how I can help you.

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